Rec Softball FAQ

What are the goal of our Rec League

The main goals of our league are to:

  • develop and improve softball and other athletic fundamentals,
  • gain and build confidence for your girls,
  • community building by meeting new friends, and
  • most importantly...HAVE FUN!!!
What days will games be played.

Most likely, games will be played on Monday or Wednesday.  Our season will begin after most if not all religious education programs have completed for the year.

However, as we need to balance our field availability for our competitive teams, this may affect how we schedule games.  We do not plan to have any games on weekends (including Fridays) at this time.

We are also able to open our fields for team initiated  practices or scrimmages.  Your coaches will be able to request these and should work with families to the extend they can have enough participants to hold practices.

What equipment should I expect to provide for my daughter

In order to participate, you should expect to equip your daughter with the following:

  • Softball Glove
  • Fielders Facemask
  • Softball Cleats or Tennis Shoes
  • *Softball Bat (optional)
  • *Batting Helmet (optional)

UGRA does have bats and helmets and a limited number of facemasks that are available for use.  Participants usually come equipped with their own, particularly in the older ages for comfort.  If you are unable to obtain specific equipment, please reach out and we will try to assist. It is our goal to ensure every girl is provided an opportunity to play.

UGRA provides softballs and catchers equipment (if applicable).

What's the uniform requirement?

Other than the team jersey there is no uniform requirement.  Your registration fees pays for your jersey and we will provide this to you prior to your first game.

As girls get older and gain more softball experience, we do recommend softball pants if they plan to slide.  However, this is up to your family.

We require fielders facemasks for all girls at all defensive positions as this is an effective way to avoid facial injuries and to build confidence.

What are my responsibilities as a parent or guardian?
  • Enjoy watching your child play and learn the game of softball.  Let the coaches coach and just sit back and relax.
  • Volunteer
    • Each team is required to provide a parent to assist in the concession area.  Either the league or your coach will assign your evening. 
    • If you have a free hand, we would love any field prep assistance you can provide.  This allows us to begin games on time.
    • Umpiring -- if you have an interest in providing some umpiring assistance (particularly in the beginner and minor divisions) we would appreciate it.
  • Make sure your player is on time.  If you're not able to attend or going to be late, please let your coach know well in advance.  This allows them to plan accordingly.
  • Work with your child outside of practices to help them develop their skills.  Fifteen minutes of catch every day or every othter day goes a long way.
Does my daughter have to be enrolled in Urbandale schools to be eligible to participate?

Absolutely not!  We have a spot for every young girl in pre-k through 6th grade.

How do I know if my daughter is good enough to play in this league

Bottom line...she's good enough.  We have girls at all skill levels and do our best to divide the teams evenly between grades and skills.  We focus on development and gaining an understanding and love of the game.  This can start at any age and we we are here to help.

We tried rec and may daughter loved it. She wants something a little more...what's out there?

If your daughter is into the game and wants more, look no further than our competitive program.

What if I haven't received an invite from TeamSnap?

If you don't receive an invite to your team, you should be able to log into the application by hitting the log in button on any of the TeamSnap emails you receive from members of the organization.