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Tyler Motter


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As a community based organization, we rely on our families to keep our program not only relevant, but one of the best around.  We have several committees below that you can sign up for or chair.  Our committee chairs are full board members responsible for attending board meetings and leading their respective committee. Our committee members are there to assist the board chair in fulfilling the committee mission and responsibilities. These are a great way to meet parents/families of other teams across the organization and build a great softball/volleyball network.  You can see high level information below on each committee by clicking through the tabs.  We hope you find one or two that match your interests and compel you to sign up.   You can also see who our current chairs are by scrolling further down.  The investment in your time is minimal compared to as much as you get out of it.  Click the button to express interest or find out more.  Or, you can email the chairs directly under their profile.

  • Coordinate Spring Start Up and Fall Shut Down                  
  • Mowing Complex                            
  • Minor Repairs when we have the skillset and can be done safely               
  • Obtain Estimates for larger repairs/initiatives                     
  • Field Upkeep
  • Equipment Purchases, Irrigation, and minor Repairs (e.g., base replacements)                    
  • Equipment Purchases such as tees, balls…etc.                    
  • Manage Vehicle Maintenance Schedules
  • Coordinate the rec softball and volleyball season(s)
  • Review Rules and adjust annually as needed
  • Determine registration periods
  • Roster teams
  • Manage player clinics
  • On Site Support for league nights – involve families on field prep and shut down support
  • Work with competitive committee on promoting players to the competitive softball teams
  • Evaluate other program models on how they form and/or retain teams                  
  • Stay abreast of trends among competing organizations to stay relevant                  
  • Determine retention needs to stay viable and model after them                
  • Identify coaches and hold interviews                      
  • Refine and improve tryout processes from year to year                  
  • Create teams based on tryout results and other factors                  
  • Find and secure opportunities to increase coach expertise, specialized position development and specific skill development
  • Serve as point of contact between vendor and families with questions
  • Work with vendors and UHS on new uniform designs and fan apparel
  • Communicate with families on ordering processes and timing
  • Identify vendors to use for hosted tournaments and arrange for onsite apparel
  • Solicit feedback from families on items they would like to see available
  • Review and update concessions menu as needed
  • Work with kitchen manager on operational improvements
  • Ensure concession stand is adequately stocked for events
  • Ensure concession receipts are collected and deposited
  • Work with Tournament Director, Volunteer Coordinator and/or Rec Committee to determine staffing needs
  • Act as point of contact for questions on TeamSnap
  • Manage Google Account Admin
  • Manage UGRA Website using WordPress
  • Create and manage Registrations in TeamSnap
  • Manage Social Media Pages
  • Work with USSSA to determine our hosted tournament dates
  • Determine the age/divisions that will be hosted at each tournament
  • Enter tourney information into the USSSA website
  • Send communications and answer questions to/from potential tourney participants and/or those that have already registered
  • Obtain umpires for tourney
  • Create tourney schedules
  • Ensure medals/trophies are ordered
  • Communicate to other committee members for concessions, apparel and volunteer needs
  • Work with local businesses to place sponsorship banners throughout the complex and fields
  • Identify and complete grants to obtain resources/revenue for organizational needs (playing equipment, maintenance equipment, field/complex maintenance and upgrades)
  • Identify and realize other organizational revenue potential
  • Locate/create potential team fundraising opportunities and communicate these to  teams/coaches
  • Bring the fun -- Come up with and organize fun events/activities that can be put on at the complex or other venues that help bring softball families together to promote our program and celebrate the awesomeness.
  • Promote the organization and programs to increase membership



Rec Softball and Volleyball

Chelsea Motter

Apparel and Merchandise

Nick Zander



Competetive Softball

Tyler Motter
Softball on Home

Concessions Operations

Marissa Brown

Concessions Procurement

Anne Burnight

Fundraising - Org

Tim Smid

Fundraising - Org

Rose Smid


Bree Langman


Softball on Home


Marissa Brown