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Intermediate League(4th/5th) Female Softball  Softball · Female Intermediate League(4th/5th)

Apr 16 ’18
May 25 ’18
Registration Dates:
Feb 8 ’18 – Mar 31 ’18 regular
Free Agent Fees
Regular $115.00



Revised January 2017

Teams will be formed based on random draw.

The purpose of this league is to have fun and develop players.  While we want to be competitive, we also want to ensure that this is a good experience for the players.  Coaches and fans are asked to demonstrate high levels of sportsmanship.

1. The following rules supplement the official ASA rules.

2. The score will be kept in all games.

a. Games can end in a tie.

b. There will be a post-season tournament with awards being given for first through third places in tournament play.

3. Pitching distance is 35 feet, base distance is 60 feet.

4. Ten players will play in the field �¢?? with the tenth player located in the outfield and must be on the grass.

5. All girls will be in the offensive line-up and all will bat (based on the batting order established at the start of the game). 

a. No player will sit out of the defensive lineup more than one inning per game.  When re-entering the defensive line-up, she must replace a player who has not previously sat out in that game. 

b. The batting order is not affected by substitutions in the defensive line-up.

6. During the regular season, a pitcher may not pitch more than 2 innings per game. If a girl pitches one pitch or more in an inning, she is considered to have pitched for a full inning for the purpose of this rule. 

a. This limit is removed for league tournament games.


7. This league is girl pitch with coach relief.  League is intended to develop hitting, engage the defense and speed up the pace of the game. 

a. Walks will be allowed but after a pitcher walks 3 girls in an inning a coach will come in and pitch the remainder of that inning. 

b. If that pitcher has not pitched her 2 innings yet her walk count starts over at the beginning of the next inningÃ?¢?Ã?¦.meaning she is allowed up to 3 walks per inning before coach relief. 

c. During coach pitch the batter gets 5 pitches only.  If the batter does not hit the ball within those 5 pitches then she will be considered out. 

d. If the batter gets 3 strikes on coach pitch she is still considered out and may not get the full 5 pitches. 

e. This rule applies during regular season, as well as postseason league tournament. 

8. If a batter is hit by a pitch, she will take her base.

9. All games shall be 6 innings long.

a.  No new inning is to begin if an hour and fifteen minutes has elapsed since the start of the game. 

b. In tournament games that are tied at the end of regulation play (innings or time limit), international rules apply.  (Each successive inning will begin with the last batter from the prior inning on second base).

10. First game starts at 6:00 p.m. and the second game starts at 7:30 p.m. 

a. All games are to start on time. 

b. IMPORTANT:  Proper emphasis given to timely transition between innings by coaches & umpires will result in more innings played, i.e. having the catcher for the next inning dressed & ready to go when possible, using a coach to warm the pitcher when the catcher isnÃ?¢??t ready.

11. Five practice pitches by the pitcher are allowed at the start of each inning and seven practice pitches for a new pitcher. 

a. If more than one minute elapses before the pitcher begins her warm up, the umpire may reduce the number of allowed pitches in order to keep the game moving.

12. Mask, with throat protector is mandatory for any player catching or warming up a    pitcher at any time, including practice. (Hint: when an extra mask is not available, a parent/coach should warm up the pitcher.)

13. A protective mask must be worn by all youth pitchers.

14. Base runners on any base may leave the base when the ball leaves the pitcherÃ?¢??s hand on a pitch. 

a.    If the base runner leaves early, she is automatically out and a Ã?¢??no pitchÃ?¢?? is declared.

15. Base runners may steal one base at a time, but cannot steal home.

a.    The only way any runner may advance to home is on a hit ball, overthrow on a hit ball, or if forced to advance due to a walk. 

b.    However, a girl may be picked off a base if a player makes a play on her at the base. Base runners may not steal during coach pitch.

16. The infield fly rule will NOT be in effect.

17. No batter will be allowed to reach first base after the third strike (that is, the �¢??dropped third strike�¢?? rule is not in effect).

18. A maximum of 5 runs can be scored by a team per inning. 

a.    After 5 runs are scored, the opposing team will take their bat.

b.    The game will automatically stop when the time limit is reached if one team is more than 5 runs ahead.  

c.    This rule also applies to tournament play.

19. After a hit ball, once the ball is in possession of any player while in the vicinity (8Ã?¢?? radius) of the pitchers plate, runners must return to prior base if they have not reached the half-way point to the next base. 

a.    They are permitted to return to the prior base without risk. 

b.    However, should the pitcher decide to make a play on the runner, then the ball again becomes a live ball and the Ã??Ã?½ way rule does not apply.

20. If a base runner does not slide and the fielder is interfered with, or in the judgment of the umpire there is a risk of collision/injury, that runner is out and potential subsequent outs are declared.

21. Bunting is allowed during girl pitch only.  No square around to show bunt then pull back to swing. If you show bunt you cannot swing.

a.    If a coach relieves their pitcher then the batting team must hit and not bunt.

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