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Beginner League(K/1st) Female Softball  Softball · Female Beginner League(K/1st)

May 28 ’18
Jun 29 ’18
Registration Dates:
Feb 8 ’18 – May 5 ’18 regular
Free Agent Fees
Regular $75.00



 Revised January 2017

Teams will be formed based on random draw.

The purpose of this league is to have fun and develop players.  While we want to be competitive, we also want to ensure that this is a good experience for the players.  Coaches and fans are asked to demonstrate high levels of sportsmanship.

 1. Defensive team will consist of all players. One extra player will be positioned in the infield between first and second base (the rover), and the rest will be outfielders. All other players will play the regular positions.

  2. Players must be rotated to a new position each time they take the field. It is also required that players be rotated between the infield and outfield positions so they get a chance to play a minimum of one inning in the infield. This means that a player can play a given position only one time per game. Recommended rotation: rover; catcher; center; third; right; second; left; first; center; pitcher; left; short; right. 

 3. All girls will be in the batting order, and they all will hit every inning. The batting order may be changed each inning. After the last girl has batted, play continues until an out is made or the batter-runner scores. Touching home plate by a defensive player in possession of the ball does not constitute an out unless it is a force out. 

 4. In Beginner league, coaches will pitch to their own teams. Each girl will receive a maximum of 7 pitches. If the batter does not put the ball in play after 7 pitches, she will hit from the tee to put the ball in play.  Kindergarten league hits only from the tee (no coach pitch).

 5. A semicircular line 7 feet from home plate and from the first base foul line to the third base foul line will define a dead ball area. Any batted ball stopping in this area will be ruled a dead ball and the batter will hit again. 

 6. There are no walks or strikeouts, and bunting is prohibited. These provisions will apply whether hitting off a tee or if the coach is pitching. 

7. The infield fly rule will not be in effect. 

 8. Base runners are allowed to advance only on a hit ball. If the ball is hit to the outfield, runners may continue to advance until the ball is in possession of a player in the infield. The infield is defined as the area between the base lines. When the infielder obtains possession of the ball, the base runners must either stay on the base they are on or, if they are between bases, may precede to the next base or return to the previous base. Those base runners are in jeopardy until they reach a base. If base runners advance beyond the base allowed, they will be repositioned without jeopardy. 

  9. If an overthrow occurs, a dead ball is declared and runners will be positioned on the base they were closest to at the time of the overthrow. 

 10. All Beginner league games will be one hour and 15 minutes, or 4 innings long (whichever comes first).  All Kindergarten league games will be 45 minutes, or 3 innings long (whichever comes first), along w/ 30 minutes of practice before each game.

11. THERE WILL BE NO SCORES KEPT IN ANY GAMES and no standing will be listed. Coaches are asked to encourage all parents and other adults to follow the spirit of this rule. 

 *** At the end of the season, a medallion will be given to each participant in the league. *

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