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14U Competitive Softball  Softball

Aug 1 ’19
Jul 31 ’20
Individual Fees
Regular $100.00

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Coaches Application 2018/19.

UGRA Competitive 14u Softball Program 2019-2020 Season

Thank you

for considering your softball athlete to be part of our competitive program for

the 2019-2020 fall/spring seasons.  The

following information will provide the background needed and expectations of

all players, coaches and parents.

Is this program right for your


This is a

school club softball team.  This is being

offered to those athletes who are residents of Urbandale who attend school

within the Urbandale School District.  Our

goal is to build a competitive program for athletes who intend on playing

softball at the high school level at Urbandale High School and/or

collegiately.  This program will be

driven by coaches who will push athletes to be their best every time they take

the field and to continue to take steps to improve off the field.

Our athletes

must be passionate about the game of softball. 

They need to have the desire to listen, learn and put in the work to

continuously better themselves in all aspects of their lives.  In addition, they need to work as part of a

team being supportive and respectful of one another and to enjoy the experience

with their fellow teammates (its ok to work hard and have fun!).

But this has

to be self-motivated.  These athletes are

getting to the age they have many different extra-curricular activities to

choose from and the number of hours in the day will limit what they can or

cannot do.  We encourage our athletes to

be well-rounded and participate in all the activities they wish.  This will help them learn time management and

realize what is important to them.  We

encourage all parents to have this conversation with your athlete if you have

not done so already.  They should want to

participate in our program because it is something they want to do, not because

it is something a parent is telling them to do.

How will the 14u program be


We will hold

try-outs in July 2019 to field two 14u competitive teams.  The tryouts will be held by the head coach as

well as individuals outside of all current UGRA programs (e.g. prior board

members who have players who have aged out, coaches outside the program, board

members of surrounding programs):

National 14u Competitive team: 

This team will be comprised of the top players and will play 14A or

higher level tournaments.  This team will

play nine to ten tournaments between the fall of 2019 and spring of 2020.  Of these, five to six tournaments will be out

of state in destinations such as Kansas City, Chicago, Peoria, MN, and Indiana

as well as in-state tournaments

Iowa 14u Competitive team: 

This team will be comprised of the next ranked players and will play 14B

and perhaps some 14A tournaments.  This

team will play 6-7 tournaments between the fall of 2019 and spring of 2020 in

the state of Iowa.  If your athlete has

other sports or extra-curricular activities they wish to pursue and still keep

their softball skills sharp and play in some tournaments, the Iowa 14u

Competitive team is a great opportunity for them to do so.


numbers will dictate exactly how the teams will be aligned. The Nationals team

will comprise no more than 12-13 players with the local team carrying a larger

number of players to ensure players can still participate in their other

activities (volleyball, basketball, show choir ect)

You will be

asked which team your athlete wants to try-out. 

We encourage you to discuss these options with your child especially if

there are other interests they wish to pursue during the fall and/or spring

season.  Regardless of which team they

are on, they will still have the same practice and coaching opportunities and

have the opportunity to play competitively.

Coaching for 2019-2020 season


Shellmeyer will be the one head coach overseeing the two separate teams and

leading them through practices and games for the 2019-2020 season.   Coach Shellmeyer will responsible for

leading the team under the expectations set by our UHS Softball Program for

their players (see attachment �???�??�?�¢??UGRA Softball Player Expectations�???�??�?�¢??) and he will

be held to the same values and expectations. 

He will be assisted by parents and, potentially, current or former

college players aspiring to become coaches, in practices and games.  Should the two teams have tournaments the

same weekend, he will coach the National team and appoint a head coach to take

his place for the Iowa team.


National Team:  $550/player.  Based on a 10

tournament schedule with six overnight stay tournaments this includes all

tournament fees, UGRA fees (lights, field time and maintenance ) and non-parent

coach travel stipend for each night of travel when an overnight stay is

required.  This does not include any

travel expenses for tournaments in which you would have to stay overnight at

your tournament destination.  You should

plan on at least two nights hotel stay for each out of state tournament plus

other travel expenses (e.g. fuel and food). 

We will be asking for a parent volunteer to help coordinate travel

including hotel arrangements and team meals.

Iowa Team:  $350/player.  Based on a seven

tournament schedule this includes all tournament fees and UGRA fees.

All fees

will be due by August 31, 2019.  Any

unused collected fees will be refunded after the close of the spring 2020




will be similar to UHS softball uniforms. 

You will need to purchase separately two game jerseys, two pairs of

pants and two practice shirts.  


We are

collecting all fees upfront so fundraising will be optional for each

family.  Parents will be responsible for

coordinating and follow through of any fundraisers which all proceeds will be

paid back to families who choose to participate.  We will need a parent volunteer to head these

efforts for the 14u program.


UGRA is a

non-profit organization which makes a majority of its revenue through hosting

tournaments.  All families will be

required to volunteer a total of four shifts per player during the fall 2019

and spring/summer 2020 tournament season at the UGRA complex.  In order to ensure all families fulfill this

obligation, we require a $200 fee to be paid by December 31, 2019.  Should you decide not to work your shifts,

you will not be refunded the $200 and these funds will be used to pay to have

those shifts worked.  If you complete

your shifts before the last tournament of the season, the $200 fee will be

refunded to you.  If you work your four

shifts before December 31, 2019, you will not be required to pay the $200 fee.


In order for

Coach Shellmeyer to be able to focus on coaching, he will have assistance from

members of our board who will take care of team logistics.  We want these athletes to be independent and

responsible for themselves.  At the same

time, we realize they are 13-14 years-old and rely on parents/guardians/family

for transportation and who have their own schedules and responsibilities.  We will be working with Coach Shellmeyer to

make sure all communication is done in a timely manner and sent to all players

and any responsible adult who needs to be aware of these team

communications.  We will utilize a web

application which is friendly for all ages to send messages (such as Team Snap

or group text).  All parents will be

included in all communications.  If you

see any communications outside of the established methods, please notify the

UGRA Board.

Practice and

tournament schedules will be provided by the time of the first practice for the

fall and spring seasons (winter workouts will be provided as soon as facility

times are arranged usually by mid-January). 

Practice schedules are of course subject to change depending upon unseen

events (e.g. weather or school events). 

Tournaments will be scheduled and only moved if, again, unforeseen

circumstances arise (such as tournament cancellation or lack of teams



Teams will

practice 3-4 times a week and all athletes are expected to attend practices

unless there is school activity /practice which will always take

precedence.  Practice time will try to be

set so our athletes can still participate in school activities and club

softball. Skipping practice to attend another club practice does not qualify as

an excused absence.   If your athlete

fails to make practices, it will affect playing time in tournaments.

We expect

full commitment to this softball team. 

If your athlete is asked to play on another team when we are not

scheduled for a tournament, there is no issue. 

However, you are only allowed to be on one roster and if any practice or

tournament of ours is unattended due to playing with another team, you will be

asked to leave the program and your fees will not be refunded.

Player Expectations

All players

will be asked to review and sign the UGRA Softball Player Expectations.  We are following the lead of UHS and will

expect our players to hold themselves accountable to these values.  We want to help grow these athletes as

outstanding young adults who are leaders not only on the field but more so in

the classroom and our community.  Please

review the attached document and let us know of any questions.  This signed copy along with a

parent/guardian�???�??�?�¢??s signature will be required before the first practice and your

athlete will not be able to practice until this has been completed.  Any issues that may arise from the start of

the season through the end of the season will be addressed by Coach Shellmeyer

and the UGRA Board in a timely manner with any athlete and their parent as

needed.  Depending on the severity of the

issues, disciplinary actions can be implemented including expulsion.

Parents, we

ask any issues you may have are initially addressed with Coach Shellmeyer

.  You are more than welcome to include

the Board but we encourage you to work with Coach Shellmeyer first as this

resolve may be more timely.

What will happen after the Spring

2020 season and when school ball begins?

The school

will allow letting anyone who is currently an 8th grader to play 14U

ball (competitive) when school ball is in session as long as it doesn�???�??�?�¢??t

interfere with the school schedule.  This

means, once school ball starts in May, the girls who desire to play competitive

ball on the weekends with no issues/worry from the schools perspective. All

they would need to do is fill out a quick form for Dr. Watson and Coach Nick

approve.  This does mean any 9th

grader would not be able to compete in club softball.  We will address interest as a Board with

Coach Shellmeyer at that time to continue playing into the summer.  Teams may need to be restructured and

additional costs would be applicable for any additional tournaments played.


Softball Player Expectations

The student athletes of the UGRA Competitive 14U Softball Program will

be committed to the program on and off season by:


Following the

rules of the coaches and the Urbandale School District






appropriate personal sacrifices for the good of the team


Recognizing that

participation in athletics is a privilege



challenging and realistic goals


Developing a

winning attitude


Maintaining high

academic standards


Being committed

to skill development in their sport


student athletes of the UGRA Competitive 14U Softball Program will communicate

openly and honestly with respect to coaches, teammates, parents, officials and

opponents by:


Developing at

positive team attitude


Being coachable and

open to constructive feedback



appropriate individual and team concerns with the coaching staff


student athletes of the UGRA Competitive 14U Softball Program will demonstrate

good citizenship and sportsmanship by:


Behaving with integrity


Exhibiting pride

in their team and community


Playing by the




responsibility as a role model for others


Supporting all

athletes at all levels within the UGRA Softball program and the Urbandale

School District


Playing with

dignity and grace, regardless of winning or losing


student athletes of UGRA Competitive 14U Softball Program will develop and

maintain mental and physical behaviors by:


Being alcohol and

drug free






good personal health habits


Dealing with

challenges in a positive manner

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